At Milwaukee Central, there are plenty of opportunities for your family to meet Jesus while serving our community. Our church is committed to the principle of the priesthood of all believers. We know that in this world, we are the hands and feet, the heart and the ears of Jesus. Because of this conviction, we gladly serve. We know that our actions, are vocation are important to Jesus.


Vocation involves enlisting on the side of good to halt the spread of evil while advancing the cause of the Kingdom. Vocation is the spiritual service of the saved in establishing outposts of grace within a sea of rebellion against God’s rule.


The focus of our ministries here at Central is honoring God by preserving a legacy of faith. Vocation is work with a sanctifying lens that is measured in impact not size, in value not cost, in durability and not simply dimensions, and in faithfulness and substance not in flashiness and appearances.

Family Ministries

Bob Nohr and Darlene Piekarek lead out in Central's Family Ministries. This ministry provides support to our families as we strive to live our faith more authentically with the ones we love the most: our families. We recognize that family means so much that whether we are parenting, care-giving, grieving, or disciplining, we want to learn tools for us to do all these family activities with love.

Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry Directors at Milwaukee Central, Austin & Marie-Lys Bacchus coordinate ministry opportunities aimed at helping our children learn more about Jesus. The main focus of the ministry is on the Children's Story time of our Divine Hour Service in addition to providing Children's programming during all our Evangelistic Events. 

Youth & Public Campus Ministries

Milwaukee Central is the sponsoring church for the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee branch of Public Campus Ministries (PCM). PCM's mission is to be a positive Adventist presence on the many secular campuses our young people congregate to further not only their pursuit of careers but to deepen their sense of calling. We work with Michael Hughes, PCM Coordinator for UW-Milwaukee and Jan Lloren, Youth Coordinator for Central to carry out this ministry to college-aged youth.

Pathfinders & Adventurers

If you have young kids all the way up to the early teen years, you know that children learn about Jesus best in social environments where play and adventure call them to develop skills and insights about themselves and the world around them. Well, Pathfinders and Adventurers is a great opportunity for our kids to meet Jesus. Our directors, Paul Geszvain and Erwine Clerge have an army of volunteers to engage our kids. So whether it's camping, or service projects, hiking or visiting the fire station, Pathfinders and Adventurers are a neat way for kids to make a life-long connection with Christ.

Human Concerns

For over 30 years, the Milwaukee Central Church has had a deep and abiding commitment to partnering with other community organizations to help alleviate human suffering within Milwaukee. Human Concerns is our church's collaborative contribution to helping restore God's image in the hearts of individuals looking for a hand up. We have worked with the McCannon Brown Foundation and other area churches. Our leaders Amy Joseph, Jean Richard Joseph, Dana Bohm, and Matthew Tollefsen, have a heart and passion for this ministry.